International Alliance for Women in Music

New Board Members 2022

Ten new Board members, and a new Advisory Board member, dedicated to advancing the visibility of women’s music, to help shape the future of this organization.

2022-2024 New Board Members

Teil Buck, an oboist, is the founder and Executive Director of Phoenix Down RPB woodwind ensemble. A former V.P. for Women in Music, Columbus, she currently works for the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra as Personnel Manager.

Eline Cote is a double bass performer and lives in Antwerp Belgium. She is the founder of the Virago Symphonic Orchestra, an all-women’s orchestra.

Morgan Davis is the Music and Arts Librarian at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. She leads the college’s Library Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Program (B.L.O.O.M).

Sarah Horick, a composer living in Maryland, has a long history of promoting new music, including concert organizer for WOCO Fest with the Boulanger Initiative in 2019.

Migiwa Miyajima is a New York City based Jazz pianist, composer and producer. Leader of the Miggy Augmented Orchestra, she is a voting member of the Grammy Awards.

Elizabeth Blanton Momand, a vocalist and Professor at the University of Arkansas in Ft. Smith also directs the Opera and Musical Theater Workshop.

Sabrina Peña Young currently works as Creative Director for Bandwidth Media and Film in New York State. With a background in Music Technology, she was awarded Lois Weber Filmmaker Award for Outstanding Women in Film in 2019.

Riikka Pietilainen-Caffrey is a choral conductor and Professor of Music in Boston Massachusetts. She has lived and worked across the world and toured with the Finnish Women’s choir Philomela.

Leah Reid teaches Composition at the University of Virginia. Co-chair for the 2020 SEAMUS Conference, she won the American Prize for the Vocal Chamber Division in 2021.

Christina Reitz, is a Musicologist and Professor at Western Carolina University in North Carolina. She won the 2020 Pauline Alderman Award for her Monograph: Jennifer Higdon: Composing in Color.

New Advisory Board Member

Terri Lynn Carrington is a Boston based Jazz Percussionist, composer, producer, Grammy Award winner, and founder of the Jazz and Gender Justice Institute at Berkley College of Music.

Please welcome these wonderful advocates for Women in Music globally!