International Alliance for Women in Music

Strategic Plan

We are focused on Connection, Opportunity, Visibility and Relevance.

Goals and Strategies


Through IAWM’s programming and advocacy efforts, increase the visibility, opportunities, connections and relevance of IAWM and its members




  • Ensure that all of IAWM’s programming and advocacy are inclusive and equitable, and that they promote intersectionality in all activities, including racial, ethnic, geographical and musical diversity.
  • Increase the value, connection and relevance of IAWM membership and engagement
  • Amplify advocacy and visibility for Women in Music and IAWM
  • Advocate to improve the awareness, opportunities and relevance of IAWM in all Musical Communities
  • Establish and Maintain strategic partnerships to further IAWM’s network and strength

Goal 2

Ensure the future Financial Sustainability of the IAWM



  • Improve the Financial Sustainability of the board through long-range Financial Planning
  • Establish and Maintain certified Accounting Practices
  • Develop a Branding / Marketing Committee and Plan to increase awareness
    and growth
  • The Membership chair will work with Finance, Advocacy, Marketing and Development to seek opportunities to increase membership
  • Create a Development / Fundraising Committee and Plan to provide external support and to foster IAWM growth

Goal 3

Improve the IAWM’s organizational structure, development and effectiveness



  • Increase Board Development and Capacity
  • Focus on Equity and Inclusion to expand diverse voices and strengthen IAWM
  • Expand Membership Internationally so that our membership better reflects the world of women in music
  • Improve the effectiveness of the IAWM board with more structured processes and continuity plans