International Alliance for Women in Music

Strategic Plan

We are focused on Connection, Opportunity, Visibility and Relevance.

2024-2026 Goals and Strategies


Through IAWM’s programming and advocacy efforts, increase the visibility, opportunities, connections and relevance of IAWM and its members



  • Ensure that all of IAWM’s programming and advocacy are inclusive and equitable, and that they promote intersectionality in all activities, including racial, ethnic, geographical and musical diversity.
  • Increase the value, connection and relevance of IAWM membership and engagement in all of IAWM’s communications and programming.
  • Sustain and increase the opportunities, relevance and impacts of Awards.
  • Establish IAWM as a resource to our members.
  • Amplify advocacy and visibility for Women in Music.
  • Advocate to improve the opportunities, visibility and relevance of IAWM in all Musical Communities.
  • Establish and Maintain strategic partnerships to further IAWM’s network and strength.

Goal 2

Ensure the future Financial Sustainability of the IAWM



  • Continue to Improve the Financial Sustainability of the board through long-range Financial Planning.
  • Establish and Maintain certified Accounting Practices.
  • Continue to develop a Branding / Marketing Committee and Plan to increase awareness and growth.
  • The Membership chair will work with Finance, Advocacy, Marketing and Development to seek opportunities to increase membership.
  • Enhance the Development / Fundraising Committee and Plan to provide external support and to foster IAWM growth.

Goal 3

Improve the IAWM’s organizational structure, development and effectiveness.



  • Increase Board Development and Capacity to achieve IAWM goals.
  • Establish stability and consistency in IAWM Journal staff and processes.
  • Focus on Equity and Inclusion to expand diverse voices and strengthen IAWM.
  • Expand Membership Internationally to better reflect the world of women in music.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the IAWM board with more structured processes and continuity plans.
  • Incorporate an annual review of the strategic plan into the first Quarter IAWM meeting.