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As concerts, universities, and music venues temporarily close or move online, it is important that we support each other in whatever way we can.

COVID-19 Resource Lists

Many, if not most, of our work as freelancers, with an assemblage of activities including teaching, performing, conducting, composing, sound engineering, writing, and more. Our lives are on hold. While difficult, stopping the spread of this virus is paramount, and we are all doing our part. At IAWM we recognize that this is having a ravaging effect across all facets of our industry.

Below are a list of resources that may be of assistance. As we face unprecedented challenges, more solutions could and are emerging. We realize that this initial list is incomplete and centric to North America, so PLEASE send us any additional resources you know of from your part of the world, and we can get these out to you so you can focus on staying healthy and secure and/or recovering.

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