International Alliance for Women in Music

Board Member Search  

We’re looking for engaged members, dedicated to supporting and advancing awareness of women’s music, to help shape the future of this organization.

IAWM is looking for Board Members

If you are still feeling the excitement and energy from the recent IAWM Conference, we hope  you will consider joining the IAWM board! You can self-nominate or perhaps someone else can nominate you, too (however, you must be willing to accept this nomination!).

We are looking for additional board members that are ready to help actively grow IAWM and advocate for women in music – on a global scale!  We are interested in working with a diverse team of individuals that recognize the importance of cultural and community based service and development and that represent a variety of practices, skill sets, knowledge, personal histories, identities, and careers! This year we are especially seeking board members to help with marketing, finance, advocacy, awards, development and membership recruitment.

IAWM is committed to change, equity, diversity, community, and inclusive actions on behalf of all members of our global musical community. See more at

This is a very involved board, and we need folks that understand that they will need to carve time out to help with developments and activities of this organization. All labor is conducted through volunteer efforts. If you are willing to donate a minimum of 5-10 hours of active service per month (depending on your role), we need your selfless service. It is required that all board members must remotely attend at least 3 board meetings per year (Fall, Winter, Spring). Attending these meetings are critical, as we need you there to help us carry out this important work, and make it possible for music to be an equitable, diverse and inclusive field.


Call Opens for Nominations: July 1 – August 21 (EOD)

Online Voting for New Board Members Opens to IAWM Members: August 24-September 4th

Newly Selected Board Members: Notified by Email by September 30, 2022

Call for nominations closes August 21st, 2022.

Choose to either self nominate or nominate someone else you believe would be a great addition to our board. All Nominees must be IAWM members (Click on to learn how to join).



Your email nomination must include a one-page resume (PDF) and the 200-word statement  (PDF). Please make a note of the skill sets that we are especially looking for and the role you think would be best suited for your skill sets. Please note that the voting membership will have access to both your one-page resume  and 200-word statement so that they can vote accordingly. Please do not put your personal  email, address of phone number on these materials, as we want to protect your privacy. 

Email your nomination to: Elections and  Nominations Chair: [email protected]

You must Include: 2022 IAWM Board Nomination in your email subject line 

In the body of your email, please include your full name (preferred title/pronouns), city/country,  email, phone number, and website/social media handle.

If you’re nominating someone else, please be sure to let them know, and also include their full  name (preferred title), city/country, email, phone number, and website/social media handle, so  we may contact them and confirm their interest in the nomination.

Include: A one-page resume (PDF) and the 200-word statement (PDF) for your self nomination or nomination of someone else. Please be sure to tell us why you are interested in  being on the IAWM board and to let us know if you have any skills or interest in developing  skills in fundraising, marketing, website technology, finance, global initiatives, equity,  advocacy, or relationship building.

Voting & Announcements:

On August 24th  we’ll send out an on-line voting poll for all members to participate. Polling closes  September 4th and IAWM Vice President Dana Reason and/or President Christina Rusnak will notify newly appointed board members by  September 30th, 2022.

Thank you for considering being a part of IAWM!