IAWM Board

IAWM Board and Staff (effective 2024)

Christina Rusnak
Composer, Writer, and Cultural Catalyst, Oregon, USA

Vice President
Leah Reid
Composer, Assistant Professor of Music Composition, University of Virginia, VP of Projects and Programs for the Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States, and Boston New Music Initiative’s Artistic Director, USA

Katelyn Halbert, Visiting Assistant Professor, Horn, University of Arkansa, USA

Jamie Reimer
Vocalist, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

International Representative
Eline Cote
Double Bassist, Founder Virago Symphonic Orchestra, Belgium

Supporting Members

Nathalie Alcime
Soprano, Educator, Michigan, USA

Becky Brown
Audio Engineer, Technical Director, Web develoment, Virginia, USA

Sabrina Clarke
Composer, Theorist, Asst. Professor, Meredith College, North Carolina USA

Nicole Daley
Trumpet performer, United States Army Bands, Washington DC, USA

Lorelei d’Andriole
Performance Artist, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, USA

Tammy Evans
Flute performer, Educator, Georgia, USA

Joanna Hersey
Associate Dean, Composer, Performing Artist, Tuba, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, North Carolina, USA

Stacie Haneline
Educator, Pianist, Entrepreneur, Nebraska, USA

Jennifer Lamont
Opera Vocalist, Elementary Educator, Researcher, Florida, USA

Felicity Mazur-Park
Composer, Pianist, Organist, Texas, USA

Angela Miller-Niles
Pianist, Associate Professor, Wayne State College, Nebraska, USA

Migiwa Miyajima
Jazz Pianist, Composer, Producer, Leader of the Miggy Augmented Orchestra, USA

Moon-Sook Park
Vocalist, Associate Professor of Music, University of Arkansas, USA

Christina Reitz
Musicologist, Professor, Western Carolina University, North Carolina, USA

Krista Wilhelmsen
Vocalist, Educator, Rhode Island, USA

Anna Williams
Violinist, Assistant Professor, Co-founder of the Neave Trio, Virginia, USA

Rain Worthington
Composer, Advocate, New York, USA



Mickey Emch
Operations Administrator, Soprano, Ohio, USA

Barb Adams
Bookkeeper, Virginia, USA


Committee Volunteers

Violeta Dinescu
Composer and Professor, Germany

Carolina Hengstenberg
Composer, Orchestrator, Conductor, Educator, Spain

Deborah Nemko
Pianist,  Professor, Massachussetts, USA

Cassidy Reed
Trumpeter, Band Director, (Grades 5-12), Ohio, USA

Ursula Rempel
Musicologist, Editor, Manitoba, California

Linda Rimel
Writer, Editor, Oregon, USA


Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee carries out IAWM’s Marketing to increase external knowledge, advocacy and membership for IAWM. Members increase the visiblity of IAWM Programs and works closely with the Advocacy, Global Initiatives, Development and Communications Committees.

Marketing and Branding
Open, Chair
Nicole Daley

Social Media Networking
Nicole Daley, Chair
Cassidy Reed



The Historian works with the Secretary, Communications, Membership Committee, and the rest of the board in documenting organizational activities and history, member information, board meetings, and decisions, awards communication, and statistics.


Advocacy & Public Relations Committee

The Advocacy & Public Relations Committee aims to promote IAWM’s awareness worldwide, and stimulate membership through developing industry allies and memberships/partnerships, integrating projects that promote the music and awareness of women in music and outreach to media and broadcasting.

Rain Worthington, Chair
Stacie Haneline

Radio Requests & Broadcasts – providing information on past, recent and upcoming broadcasts of music by women
Ursula Rempel and Linda Rimel

Awards & Concert Committee
The IAWM Awards / Concert Committee is comprised of four subcommittees that plan, administer, coordinate all entries, selects judges and and publicizes the IAWM annual concerts and awards.

Search for New Music (SNM) – honoring new compositions by women in several categories and genres
Moon-Sook Park, Chair
Nathalie Alcime

Pauline Alderman Awards – honoring writing about women and music
Jennifer Lamont

Concert – plans the annual IAWM concert
Eline Cote, Chair

Education Grant – grants for educators ages 4-18
Felicity Mazur-Park

Programming Award – honoring performers who program and advocate for music by women
Felicity Mazur-Park


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee verifies and maintains the informational database for all members, circulates a directory and executes the annual membership drive.

Angela Miller-Niles, Chair
Krista Wilhelmsen
Deborah Nemko, Student Chapters

Internship Coordinator – Works with universities and individuals in managing IAWM’s Internship program.
Sabrina Clarke

For questions, please email [email protected]


Communications & Website Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for all external communication from IAWM publishing, the IAWM website, Webinars, and social media sites. This committee works closely with the Advocacy, Membership, and Marketing committees and the rest of the board in developing organizational communication messaging. It is comprised of three subcommittees:

IAWM Website / Media / Video
Becky Brown, Webmaster, Radio Requests, Media and Video
Leah Reid, Web Content
Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, Listserv

OPEN –  Journal Editor in Chief
Elizabeth Keathley, Associate Editor, Interim Editor
Christina Reitz, Associate Editor
Jesus Ramos-Kittrell, Assistant Editor
Amy Zigler, Membership News
Kathleen Carter-Bell, Reviews Editor 

Webinars – a series of presentations/workshops/seminars
Migawa Miyajima, Chair
Sabrina Clark


Conference Committee

The Conference Committee vigilantly seeks out international and U.S. sites for future Conferences. Any institution wishing to host a Conference should contact the committee chair or president. During the two years preceding a Conference, the committee supports the preparations by the host committee.

Joanna Hersey, Chair
Anna Williams


Development Committee

The Development carries out strategies to increase internal and external giving and support.  It works with individuals, foundations, grantors and corporations to support the programming and advocacy of the IAWM.

Tammy Evans, Chair
Lorelei d’Andriole


Finance Committee

The committee coordinates with other IAWM committees on income-producing projects and approves all non-budgeted expenses. The chair is responsible for all financial transactions for IAWM, including financial updating, fiscal management, and developing the budget.

Katelyn Halbert, Chair
Christina Rusnak


Global Initiatives Committee

This committee works closely with the Advocacy, Membership and Communications committees and the rest of the board to foster and develop awareness, and connection with members throughout the world, forming diverse partnerships and transformative opportunities for membership expansion, alliance, equity, community engagement and outreach.  The Committee actively recruits member and potential board members from under-represented groups, geographies and musical disciplines.

Felicity Mazur-Park, Coordinator,
Nathalie Alcime
Tammy Evans


Nominations/Elections Committee

The IAWM board annually invites people to nominate themselves and others, with permission, to the IAWM board. The Nomination / Election Committee receives nominations and supporting materials, and facilitates the annual election of new board members. Contact president@iawm or committee chair if you are interested in joining the board and/or serving on one of IAWM’s committees.

Jamie Reimer, Chair



Advisory Board

Jeannie G. Pool
Film Music Society
Los Angeles, CA


Chen Yi
University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory
Kansas City, MO


Kelly Vaneman
Oboist, Musicologist
Converse College
Spartanburg, SC


Judith Shatin
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA


Ingrid Stölzel
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS


Deb Saidel
Flute Performer, Entrepreneur, Feminine Studies
Henrico, VA 

Beth Denisch
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA


Libby Meyer
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

Jennifer Higdon
Curtis Institute
Philadelphia, PA


Terri Lynn Carrington
Jazz Artist, Educator, Composer, Producer
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA