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The following list has been updated periodically since 1987. (An initial version appeared in The Double Reed, Journal of the International Double Reed Society, Winter, 1988, Volume 10, Number 3.) Information concerning corrections or additions would be most welcome. Please contact me at the above address. Pieces for English horn (cor anglais) have been listed using the abbreviation “EH”.


Several works deposited with the American Music Center (AMC) and Canadian Music Centre (CMC) have also been included. Although unpublished, they are available at no charge by contacting either lending library at:

American Music Center (AMC)
250 West 54th Street, Suite 300
New York, NY 10019 USA
Telephone: (212) 366-5260

Canadian Music Centre (CMC)
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y IJ9 Canada
Telephone:(416) 961-6601

To order “Daystream Dances:Women Composers for Oboe”, Hester Park CD 7707, which contains several pieces listed below, visit the website of Vivace Press. Also available “The Lotus Pond: Exotic Oboe Sounds, MSR Classics 1421 @


Aboulker, Isabelle. Jeux de notes; Chappell, 1973.
Badian, Maya (Can., 1945- ). Monody, Les Editions Lucian Badian.
Beat, Janet (Scot.., 1937) and Heller, Barbara (Ger., 1936). 5 Stuecke, Furore.
Crawford-Seeger, Ruth (US, 1901-1953). Diaphonic Suite No. 1; Continuo/Broude.
Dinescu, Violeta (Romania, 1953- ). Cime Lointaine, Bote & Bock.
Fine, Vivian (US, 1913- ). Solo for Oboe, Catamount. Second Solo for Oboe, Catamount.
Heller, Barbara (Ger., 1939- ). Drei Stuecke fuer Oboe, Furore; Englischhorn Solo-Album, Furore.
Kolodub, Zhanna (Ukraine, 1930-). Three Fragments for Oboe Solo. Vivace Press.
Kukuck, Felicitas (Ger., 1914- ). Die Leider Der Nachtigall, Furore; Fantasies for an Oboe after Poems & Folksongs, Furore.
Lefanu, Nicola (Eng., 1947- ). Soliloquy, Novella.
Luff, Enid (Eng., 1935- ). The Coming of the Rain, Primavera.
Polin, Claire (US, 1926- ). Telemannicon, (or with tape), Seesaw.
Rainier, Priaulx (S. Afr., 1903- 1986). Pastoral Triptych, Schott.
Richer, Jeannine (Fr., 1924- ). Piege V, Amphion.
Samuel, Rhian (Eng., 1944- ). Traquair Music, Raindrop.
Silverman, Faye-Ellen (US, 1947- ). Oboe-sthenics. Seesaw.
Swain, Freda (Eng., 1902- ). Three Whimsies, Bourne.
Tann, Hilary (US, 1947- ). Like Lightnings, Oxford University Press, 2005.


Archer, Violet (Can., 1913- ). Sonata, Berandol; Sonatina, Dorn/Neeham.
Arrieu, Claude (pseud. of Louise Simon) (Fr., 1903-1990). Impromtu, Leduc; Pastorale, Chappell.
Backes, Lotte (Ger., 1901- ). Spielmusik, Sirius.
Badian, Maya (Can., 1945- ). Cantus Planus, Les Editions Lucian Badian
Bacewicz, Grazyna (Pol., 1909-1969). Sonata, PWM; Sonatina, PWM.
Beyer, Johanna (Ger-Amer., 1888-1944). Duet for Oboe and Piano, AMC; Three Pieces for Oboe and Piano, AMC; Three More Pieces for Oboe and Piano, AMC; Six Pieces for Oboe and Piano, AMC.
Borroff, Edith (US, 1925- ). Variations and Theme, Fox.
Caine, Evelyn N. Andante, Williams, 1944.
Capuis, Matilde (It., 1913-). Due Movimenti, Furore.
Champion, Marguerite Roesgen (Swiss, 1894-1976 ). Nocturne, Leduc; Deuxieme nocturne, Leduc.
Chandler, Mary (Eng., 1911- ). Suite from Purcell’s Orpheus Brittanicus, Chester; Holiday Tunes, Novello; Three Dance Studies, Nova.
Chretien-Genaro, Hedwige (Fr., 1859-1944). Grand Solo, Millereau; Confidences, Millereau; Scherzettino, Millereau; Scene Rustique, Evette & Schaeffer.
Clearfield, Andrea (US, 1960-). Reminiscence (EH, pf), International Opus.
Come, Tilde (Belg., 20c). Capriccio, Mauer.
Coolidge, Elizabeth (US, 1864-1953). Sonata, Fischer.
Coulthard, Jean (Can., 1908- ). Shizen, Novello; Sonata, Waterloo Music Co.
Dring, Madeleine (Eng., 1923-1977). Italian Dance, Arcadia; Polka, Arcadia; Three Piece Suite, J.R. Lord.
Fine, Vivian (US, 1913- ). Sonatina, ACA.
Fraser, Shena (Eng., 1910- ). Prelude & Scherzino, Boosey & Hawkes.
Gabriel, Marie (Fr., 19c). Chant Pastoral, Costellat; Pasquinade, Costellat; Reverie, Costellat.
Gabus, Monique. Automne, Lemoine, 1972.
Gartenlaub, Odette (Fr., 1922- ). Silhouette, Rideau Rouge.
Hamerton, Ann. Three Pieces, Augener, 1958.
Harbach, Barbara (US, 1946- ). Daystream Dances, Vivace Press.
Harrison, Pamela (Eng., 1915- ). Chase a Shadow, Galliard.
Holland, Dulcie (Austral., 1913- ). The Fallen Leaf, Allans.
Hoover, Katherine (US, 1937- ). Sonata, Papagena.
Hyde, Miriam (Austral., 1913- ). Nightfall & Merrymaking, Chappell.
Jolley, Florence (US, 1927- ). Recollections, Innovative Music Studies.
Keech, Diana (Eng., 1945- ). Scherzo Rondoso, Belwin.
Kolodub, Zhanna (Ukr., 1930- ). Concertino, Vivace.
Larsen, Libby (US, 1950- ). Kathleen, As She Was (ob & hpschd), E.C. Schirmer.
Laschansky, Madame (Poland, ca.1780). Concerto in B-flat, Edition Ars Femina.
Leahy, Mary (US, 1926- ). Short Suite, Manuscript Publications.
Maconchy, Elizabeth (Eng., 1907- ). Three Bagatelles, Oxford, 1974.
Mamlock, Ursula (US, 1928- ). Five Capriccios, Peters.
Marez-Oyens, Tera de (Neth., 1932- ). Deducties (ob & hpschd), Donemus.
Masset-Lecocq, Roselyn (Fr., 1950- ). L’Oiseau des Galaxies, Rideau Rouge.
Morris, Alyssa (US). Four Personalities for oboe and piano, TrevCo (2007).
Pierce, Alexandra (US, 20c). Set of Three, Arsis.
Robertson, Donna. Pastorale, aria and scherzo on a row, Robertson, 1974.
Schorr, Eva (Ger., 1927). Fantasie, Choral und Fuge (Eh, organ), Furore.
Simons, Netty (US, 1913-1994). Facets 3, Presser.
Simon, Louise Marie (1903- ). Impromptu, Leduc.
Spencer, Williametta (US, 1932- ). Adagio and Rondo, Western International.
Sutherland, Margaret (Austral., 1897-1984). Sonatina, Kurrajong.
Swain, Freda (Eng., 1902-1985). Fantasy Suite, Bourne; Paspy, Chappell; Tambourin gai, Chappell.
Tailleferre, Germaine (Fr., 1892-1983). Rondo, Lemoine.
Tann, Hilary (US, 1947- ). Shakkei for oboe and orchestra (arr. ob & pf in 2012), Rowanberry Music.
Theophane, Sr. M.Hytrek (US, 1915- ). Prelude & Allegro, Fema (Interlochen).
Tower, Joan (US, 1938- ). Toccanta (ob & hpschd), AMC, Inc.
Van Appledorn, Mary Jeanne (US, 1927). Incantations, Arsis.
Vellere, Lucie (Belg., 1896-1966). Dialogue, Mauer.
Zaimont, Judith Lang (US, 1945- ). Doubles, Jeanne, Inc.


Archer, Violet (Can., 1913- ). Fantasia Concertante (ob,fl,cl,stgs), Berendal; Divertimento #2 (ob,vn,vc), CMC.
Arrieu, Claude (pseud. of Louise Simon) (Fr., 1903-1990). In Memorium (ob,tpt,strgs), Amphion; Trio D’anches (ob,cl,bn), Amphion.
Bazewicz, Grazyna (Pol., 1909-1969). Trio (ob,hp,perc), PWM; Trio (ob,vn,vc), PWM.
Ballou, Esther (US, 1915-1973). Fantasia Brevis (ob,pf, stg qrt), ACA.
Barkin, Elaine (US, 1932- ). Prim Cycles (ob,fl,vn,vc), Mobart.
Bauer, Marion (US, 1887-1955). Concertino (ob,cl,stg qrt), Arrow.
Beyer, Johanna (Ger.-Amer., 1888-1944) Suite for Oboe and Bassoon, AMC; Suite for Oboe and Clarinet, AMC.
Bond, Victoria (US, 1945- ). Recitative (EH, stg trio), Front.
Boyd, Anne (Austral., 1946- ) Synchromy No. 1 (ob,cl,bn), Faber; Trio (ob,vn,vc), Faber.
Chance, Nancy (US, 1931- ). Duos (ob, EH), Seesaw.
Clearfield, Andrea (US, 1960- ). Gaia (ob,sop,pf), Hildegard. Love Song(ob,sop,pf), International Opus.Three Songs after poems by Pablo Neruda (ob, cb) International Opus.
Crawford-Seeger, Ruth (US, 1901-1953). Diaphonic Suite No. 4 (ob,vc), Continuo.
Daniels, Mabel (US, 1878-1971). Three Observations(ob,cl,bn), Fischer.
Diemer, Emma Lou (US, 1927- ). Movement (ob,fl,cl,pf) Seesaw; Movement (ob,fl,org), Fischer; Trio (ob,fl,hpschd,tape), Seesaw.
Dring, Madeleine (Eng., 1923-1977) Trio (ob,bn,pf or hpschd), Nova; Trio (ob,fl,pf), Weinberger.
Duskin, Dorothy (US, 1903- ). Quintet (ob,stgs), Valley Music Press.
Farrenc, Louise (Fr., 1804-1875). Nonetto,Op.38 (ob,fl,cl,bn,stg qt), International Opus.
Fine, Vivian (US, 1913- ). Capriccio (ob, vn,va,vc), ACA.
Fontyn, Jacqueline (Belg., 1930- ). Sept Petites Pieces (ob,cl,bn), Schirmer.
Funk, Susan (US, 20c). For My Beloved: A Wedding Song (ob,voice,pf), Arsis.
Glanville-Hicks, Peggy (Austral., 1912-1990). Gymnopedie No. 1 (ob,hp,stgs), ACA.
Glickman, Sylvia (USA, 1932-). Sound Elements (ob,fl,vc), Hildegard.
Gould, Elizabeth (US, 1904- ). Disciplines (ob,bn,cl), Presser.
Higdon, Jennifer (US, 1962- ). Concerto for Oboe for Wind Ensemble or Orchestra, Lawdon Press (2005)
Inwood, Mary B.B. (US, 20c). Trio (ob,hn,pf), Seesaw.
Jacque, Emilie (Fr., ?). Arlequin et Colombine (ob,stg qnt), Enoch.
Jacquet de la Guerre, Elizabeth (Fr., 1659-1729). Sonata No. 1 in gm (ob & vn or 2 ob, hpchd,vc), Nova.
Janarcekova, Viera (Czech, 20c). Umspielte Weihnachtslieder (ob, vn,va), Furore.
Jolas, Betsy (Fr., 1926- ). Remember (EH,va,vc), Heugel.
Karpman, Laura (US, 1959- ). Stanzas for Music (EH,sop or ten,fl,bcl,marim,vn,va,bass), MMB.
Kolodub, Zhanna (Ukr., 1930- ). Concertino (ob,stgs), Vivace.
Kucuck, Felicitas (Ger., 1914- ). Trio (ob,rec,va da gamba), Moeseler.
Lauer, Elizabeth (US, 20c). Five Miniatures for Three Winds (ob,cl,bn), Arsis.
Leahy, Mary (US, 1926- ). Four Short Sketches (ob,bn), Manuscript Publications.
Lefanu, Nicola (Eng., 1947- ). Variations (ob qrt), Novella.
Lutyens, Elizabeth (Eng., 1906- ). Plenum II, op.92 (ob, 13 inst), Olivan; The Fall of the Leaf (ob, stg qrt), Olivan; Music for Three, op.65 (ob,fl,pf), Olivan.
Maric, Ljubica (Yugosl., 20c). Archaia II (ob,cl,bn), Furore.
Marez-Oyens, Tera de (Neth., 1932- ). Inter-times (ob,bn,keybd), Donemus.
Musgrave, Thea (Scot., 1928- ). Impromtu (ob,fl), Chester; Impromptu No. 2 (ob,fl,cl), Chester; Trio (ob,fl,pf), Chester.
Owen, Blythe (US, 1898- ). Trio No.1, op.18 (ob,cl,bn), Hall-Orion.
Pentland, Barbara (Can., 1912- ). Variable Winds (ob,perc), CMC.
Pierce, Alexandra (US, 1934- ). Chambered Nautilus (ob,pf,hp), Seesaw.
Rainier, Priaulx (S.Afr., 1903- 1986) Quanta (ob, stg trio), Schott.
Samter, Alice (Ger., 1908- ). Mobile (ob,bn), Furore.
Samuel, Rhian (Eng., 1944- ). Scenes from an Aria (ob,2 hn,marim,stgs), Raindrop; Shadow Dance (ob,fl,pf), Raindrop.
Schorr, Eva (Ger., 1927- ). Fantasie, Choral und Fuga (EH, org), Furore.
Schumann, Clara (Ger., 1819-1896) Arr. Juergen Schwab. Praeludium I & II (EH, org), Furore.
Sharma, Liz (Eng). Three’s Company for 20b/EH, EGGE Verlag (2012)
Silverman, Faye-Eleen (US, 1947- ). Echoes of Emily (EH, alto); Hollowed Refrains (ob,vn,pf), Seesaw.
Singer, Jeanne (US, 20c). Grandmother’s Attic (ob,fl,vn,vc), Cor Publishing.
Smyth, Ethel (Eng., 1858-1944). Two Trios (ob,vn,pf), Curwen; Two Interlinked French Folk Melodies (ob,fl,cl), OUP.
Sutherland, Margaret (Austral., 1897- 1984). Quartet (EH,stgs), L’Oiseau Lyre; Trio (ob, 2vn), Kurrajong.
Szonyi, Erzsebet (Hung., 1924- ). Trio (ob,cl,bn), Boosey & Hawkes.
Talma, Louise (US, 1906- ). Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (ob,sop or ten,pf), Fischer.
Tann, Hilary (US, 1947- ). Duo (ob,va), Oxford University Press.
Tower, Joan (US, 1938- ). Island Prelude (ob,stgs), G. Schirmer.
Zaimont, Judith Lang (US, 1945- ). “…3:4,5…” (ob,cl,vn,va,cb), Jeanne, Inc.
Zieritz, Grete von (Austria, 1899- ). Trio (ob,cl,bn), Ries & Erler.