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Search for New Music Competition

The IAWM holds an annual composition competition for women composers called the “Search for New Music by Women Composers”, aka SNM. This international competition includes seven prize categories ranging from chamber and orchestral works to electro-acoustic media, improvisation, and sound installation. Each prize has its own monetary award. Membership in IAWM is required to enter, but contestants may join at the time of entry. Entries are anonymous. The SNM committee administers the competition, receives entries, selects judges and publicizes the contest guidelines and the list of winners.

To find out how to submit your work, read the guidelines online or download them below.

Changes In 2014, SNM began using EasyChair for managing submissions, so there is no need for a pseudonym. However, your name, and other known names such as lyricist and performers, must not appear anywhere. The Pauline Oliveros electroacoustic and New Genre categories from previous competitions were merged.

Ruth Anderson Prize for a New Sound Installation¬† Read this blog post by 2014 winner Sky Macklay for tips on writing a good proposal. The post is hosted on the coordinator’s Elusive Music blog.

2017 IAWM Search for New Music by Women Composers

Submissions were due by May 31st, 2017.

Guidelines online: SNM 2017 Guidelines

Search for New Music Winners

2017 Winners

2016 Winners

List of past Search for New Music winners.