International Alliance for Women in Music

Open Call for the 2022 Conference

Registration is LIVE! The IAWM invites you to contribute a submission for CALL & (HER) Response: Music in the Time of Change to be held at Oregon State University June 2-4, 2022 with satellite events in Antwertp Belgium and more. See Conference page.

OPEN CALL Proposals, Performances, Papers, and Exhibits for the 2022 Conference

Who can Participate?

Hosted by Oregon State University on their campus in Corvallis Oregon from June 2 through 4, 2022, the International Alliance for Women in Music, in association with OSU’s College of  Liberal Arts and the Office of Academic Affairs, the conference will be an in-person event with virtual satellite events from across the globe, with options for participation that encourage varying levels of involvement no matter where you are. In addition to the in-person sessions on the Oregon State University campus, sessions will also be hosted virtually. There will be YouTube concerts,  live concerts, live film scoring sessions, digital poster sessions, and virtual sound galleries, as well as plenty of opportunities to connect, and socialize both through online gatherings, and chat rooms, as well as safely on the campus of OSU.

Oregon State University has put in place Covid-19 restrictions and vaccination requirements that make it possible to safely gather on our campus. Your safety is our top priority, and for those of you that are considering joining the conference in person please click the following link to view safety protocols on campus.

This conference will bring together people (women AND men) who celebrate Women in Music and challenge, and transform our future with cutting-edge music, music technology, and innovative scholarship resulting in increased visibility, opportunities, and connections.

This is an open call, but we are particularly interested in transformative discussions about female and female identified histories, sounds, practices, research, and music by female and female identified creatives. We want to hear from and about those taking risks to chart new ground; uncovering unheard voices; advocating for other sound practitioners and makers; those reimagining equity and inclusion in the world of making music and curation; those who history has ignored; and those reaching back to advocate for students, friends, colleagues, and the next generation. We are creating a collective and community-based cultural happening to elevate, celebrate, and situate female and female identified creatives in music with all kinds of experiences, from all different places and music-making spaces. We welcome independent researchers, performers, graduate students, non-academic practitioners and academic and industry professionals!

Categories and Details for Submission:

To be considered for the 2022 Hybrid Conference Call & (HER) Response: Music in the Time of Change, please review the submission categories requirements below and then:

submit your proposal to this link 

Submissions are open from October 29th through January 9th 2022. Participants will be notified of acceptance by Dec. 29th. There is no cost to submit, but selected applicants must be up-to-date members of the IAWM or join, as we are an all volunteer organization, and dues help fund IAWM membership activities. All applicants must include a 150 word biography and list any technical requirements or requests. Please be aware that this will be a HYBRID conference, and activities will be programmed accordingly to accommodate in person and remote participation and attendance.

Possible Submission Topics –  Topics may include but are not limited to the following:

● Curating Change: Feminism, Activism, Identity & Race in Music

● Music Making in the Anthropocene: Sound, Music, Noise & Nature

● (It might not be) A Walk in the Park: Somatics, Deep Listening, Embodiment, and the Body Politic

● BIPOC Equity, Bias, and Gender Issues in Music

● Reframing: Visual Music, Film, & Video

● Performance, Radio & Sound Art: LGBTQ+ Voices, Extended Techniques, Histories & Topographies

● Hybridity, & Intercultural Practices in Music

● Communities in Practice: Improvisation, Songwriting & Collective Markers of Making

● Remix: Sonification, Computer Music, NFTs & Music Industry, Data Analysis, & Interactivity

● Sounding the Globe: Music Making from Near and Far

● Unheard: Emergent Scholarship, Domesticity, Motherhood and Historical Voices in Music


Categories for Submission: Please Select One of the Following

1) Individual Paper Proposal – Paper presentations will be 15 minutes followed by 10 minute discussion at the end of each session. The program committee will compile topically-based three-paper sessions after the initial abstract selection process. Maximum Individual Proposal length: 250 words.

2) Workshop Proposal – Workshops can be a live performance, or pre-recorded video performance, lecture or combination. Please see specifications for videos below. Not to exceed 45 minutes. Maximum workshop proposal length: 250 words. Be sure to include technical details.

3) Poster Sessions (delivered via Digital Platform) – Maximum proposal length: 250 words. If you plan to submit a video poster or PDF, please make sure to include a 3-5 minute audio recording to accompany your Poster. We will host the poster sessions online, and authors will be encouraged to comment in the chats to people viewing the works. Due to Covid Restrictions, please note that we will have limited numbers of physical posters displayed at the Conference. IAWM Conference attendees will be able to view the posters asynchronously to accommodate time differences.

 4) Virtual Listening Room – Submit a link to a URL of a NEW piece or realization of a historical piece of music that is no longer than 15 minutes in length. Please note that pieces may be paired with a visual element for YouTube (Live) at the discretion of the curators. Your selected sounds should be of a high quality (wav or MP4) file. Include a 150 summary about the piece, include title, names of composers/improvisors, performers and recorded date and why this work matters, etc. IAWM conference attendees will be able to view asynchronously for time differences.

5) Live Film Scoring – Maximum proposal length: 150 words. If you are interested in performing to pre-selected live silent films (which may be solo or with a small ensemble), please submit a URL link to a short audio/visual example of your work in this area (1-2 minutes are fine). We will provide a keyboard/amp, but musicians are encouraged to bring their own instruments. Please list your experience, instrument, and availability. Please note, participation in the ensemble is mostly in-person at OSU but remote options can be explored, too!

Registration Fees & Travel Information 

We will be updating this information on the 2022 Conference page so please check in often to see updates!

Corvallis is only an hour away from the amazing Oregon Coast, and in the midst of the Mid-Willamette Valley Food and Wine Region. For lodging, information on Things to Do and See before and after the Conference:


For additional questions, please send to: [email protected]

 We look forward to gathering as a community both in person and on-line!



Conference Chair  – Dana Reason, Oregon State University

Program Committee:

Maria Gabriela Alvarado, Independent

Eline A. Cote, Royal Conservatory of Music, Antwerp

Morgan Davis, William and Mary College

Christina Reitz, Western Carolina University

Jane Rigler, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Deborah Saidel, Independent