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Radio Requests

Since 2004, the IAWM has used the Radio Requests campaign to promote broadcasts of music by women composers. Every week, participants in the IAWM’s listserv and visitors to this Web page are encouraged to ask local and Internet stations to play work by a chosen woman composer.

Radio Request for This Week, October 25-31 , 2020.

This week, the Radio Request campaign is devoted to Bára Gísladóttir. a discography for this Australian composer and singer 

Here is a list of previous Radio Requests composers—a mix of contemporary and historical womenwith links to their Web pages.

Participants ask stations to play recordings of the featured composer’s works, or, if the station does not possess recordings of her work, to substitute something by another composer listed on this site. Here is a sample request.

We also encourage composers and performers to send their recordings to appropriate broadcasters. A Resource Directory of stations and contact information also indicates broadcasters’ preferences.

In 2005, IAWM named radio stations KMFA, KWAX, and WMFE Honored Broadcasters for their commitment to broadcasts of women’s compositions. Download PDF press release here.


Greetings to everyone on this list!

To participate in promoting the broadcast of women's compositions, please telephone or e-mail local and/or Internet radio stations during March 29th-April 4th, 2020, requesting that they play music composed by  Bára Gísladóttir.

As usual, the selection, which is different every week, has been made by Ursula Rempel. The selections, she explains, "are based on a combination of factors: availability of CDs, geography/ nationality, accessibility/appeal of the music for general audiences, and a concern to feature both historical and contemporary women composers."

Feel free to copy and modify this to suit yourselves:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Would you please play music composed by  Bára Gísladóttir?

Biographical information and a discography for this Icelandic composer (b. 1989) can be found at     

BIf you don't happen to own any recordings of her music, would you please go to the Web page of the International Alliance for Women in Music (, and substitute the work of another woman composer?

Thank you very much for all your help.


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