BEYOND THE NOTES is a series of webinars for musicians and music fans produced by IAWM – The International Alliance of Women in Music

Stop Waiting and Create Your Own Opportunities!


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Join our unique online workshop, “Stop Waiting and Create Your Own Opportunities!” with Justine Koontz is a must for any musician to create our own opportunities based on our own vision. How do we even begin? How do we balance the dream we have versus the resources at our disposal?

At this workshop, we will focus on how to create our own opportunities in the music field. Items for discussion include:

  • Thinking about opportunity in a divergent manner

  • Ways to create ideas, not quash them.

  • The importance of your values and building them into your work.

  • Inventorying your resources – what is at your disposal to work with?

  • The value of community and ways to build it.

Justine Koontz is a Baltimore-based composer and conductor interested in the intersection of music and identity. She composes primarily for choir and chamber ensembles in musical languages that are accessible yet diverse. As a conductor, her interests include music by women, Baltic composers, and new works. She is the Music Minister at Memorial Episcopal Church and is the founder of Program Choir of Baltimore. She has additionally studied choral music in Latvia on a Fulbright scholarship and currently teaches a private studio of piano and guitar students of all ages.

Produced by IAWM – The International Alliance of Women in Music