International Alliance for Women in Music


IAWM Committees

IAWM members are encouraged to join and participate in our various committees based on your interests and talents. Click below to read descriptions of each committee. Contact the President or committee chair if you are interested in furthering IAWM’s many activities.


Advocacy & Public Relations Committee

The Advocacy & Public Relations Committee aims to promote IAWM’s awareness worldwide, and stimulate membership through developing industry allies and memberships/partnerships, integrating projects that promote the music and awareness of women in music and outreach to media and broadcasting.

Chair: Victoria Petro-Eschler
Klaudia Pasternak
Linda Rimel – Radio Requests & Broadcasts
Ursula Rempel – Radio Requests & Broadcasts
Sabrina Peña Young, social media networking websites

Awards & Concert Committee

The IAWM Awards / Concert Committee is comprised of three subcommittees which plan, coordinate and communicate the IAWM annual concerts and awards.

Search for New Music (SNM)- honoring compositions by women
Ingrid Stölzel, chair

Pauline Alderman Awards - honoring writing about women and music
Reeves Shulstadt, chair

Concert  - plans the annual IAWM concert
Jenn Kirby, Chair and 2018 Coordinator

Educator and Performer Awards Committee
Dana Reason and Carrie Page, co-chairs
Victoria Petro-Eschler
Kimcherie Lloyd


Communications & Website Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for all external communication from the IAWM website and social media sites. This committee works closely with the Advocacy & Publicity and Marketing committees and the rest of the board in developing organizational communication messaging. It is comprised of three subcommittees:

IAWM Website
Angela Slater webmaster and web content

Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner, listserv

Eve R. Meyer, journal editor in chief
Kimberly Greene
Lynn Gumert
Anita Hanawalt
Deborah Hayes

Social Media Networking

Sabrina Peña Young


Congress Committee

The Congress Committee vigilantly seeks out international and U.S. sites for future Congresses.  Any institution wishing to host a Congress should contact the committee chair or president.  During the two years preceding a Congress, the committee supports the preparations by the host committee.

Beth Denisch, chair
Jeannie Gayle Poole
Deon Nielsen Price


Marketing & Development Committee

The chair puts forth all marketing and fundraising recommendations. This committee carries out IAWM's Marketing and Development Strategies to increase external knowledge and membership for IAWM, and to coordinate all development activities. Members work closely with the Advocacy and Communications Committees.

Kathryn Woodward
Lee Hartman

Finance Committee

The committee coordinates with other IAWM committees on income producing projects and approves all non-budgeted expenses. The chair is responsible for all financial transactions for IAWM, including financial updating, fiscal management and developing the budget.

Christina Rusnak, chair
Other chairs as coordinating members


Membership Committee

The Membership Committee verifies and maintains the informational database for all members, circulates a directory and executes the annual membership drive.

Kelly Vaneman

If you are looking to join or renew your membership, you may do so here.


Nominations/Elections Committee

The IAWM board invites people to nominate themselves and others, with permission, to the IAWM board. The Nomination / Election Committee receives nominations and supporting materials, and facilitates the annual election of new board members.  Contact the President or committee chair if you are interested in joining the board and/or serving on one of IAWM’s committees.

Christina Rusnak, chair
Beth Denisch