International Alliance for Women in Music


IAWM Board


Christina Rusnak Composer/Writer/Cultural Catalyst USA

Vice President

Dana Reason
Composer, producer, pianist USA

Past President

Carrie Leigh Page Composer

Treasurer Deb Saidel
Flutist, Technologist, Educator USA


Kelly Vaneman Oboeist/Musicologist USA

Supporting Members

Wanda Brister Singer/Professor, Florida State USA

Kerensa Briggs
Soprano, Composer in Residence UK

Monica Buckland
Univ of New South Wales Australia

Michelle Cheng
Composer,Multimedia Performer, Founder fff Ensemble USA

Samantha Ege
Scholar, Pianist UK/Singapore

Mathew Hoch
Conductor, Professor, Auburn University USA

Natalia Kazaryan
Pianist, Educator, Howard University USA

Lil Lacy
Performer, Composer Denmark

Natalia Rojcovscaia
Composer, Pianist, Academy of Music, Theater, & Fine Arts RM Moldova

Deb Saidel Flutist, Educator USA

Angela Slater
Founder and artistic director of the Illuminate Women's Music concert series UK

Sarah Westwood
Composer, Admistrator, Co-director of Illuminate Women's Music UK

Dana Reason
Composer, producer, pianist Oregon State University

Kathryn Woodard
Pianist, Founder of Sonic Crossroads
University of Music and Performing Arts, Munich Germany & USA

Committee Volunteers

Violeta Dionescu Composer/Professor Germany
Kimcherie Lloyd Conductor/Pianist/Professor USA

*serving second of two consecutive terms