International Alliance for Women in Music

Educator Grants

Applicants must submit their proposals to New Music Engine by September 15

IAWM Educator Grants

The International Alliance for Women in Music is offering a $300 classroom grant to music educators of students aged 4-18. This grant is to help teachers bring a greater focus on women in music to their students through professional development, materials, commissions, guests artists, or other media. Projects may vary, and we encourage applicants to be as creative as they wish in their proposals. The grant may be used to supplement other funds for a large project. 



2020 IAWM Education Grant Criteria and Process

Eligibility: Who may apply? 

  • Current IAWM membership is encouraged but not required. To join IAWM or renew, visit
  • Any school teacher (teaching children 4-18 years of age worldwide) Educators may not be a member of the IAWM Board or a family member of anyone on the board of the IAWM.
  • Educators applying for funds give consent for their application content, name, photo, and school to be published in communications by IAWM.

Review: Applications will be reviewed by members of the Board of IAWM and evaluated on a 20-point scale using the following criteria:

  • Educator reflects honestly on their current teaching practices regarding how they address or incorporate topics of women in music. (100-200 words, 5 points)
  • Educator gives a clear, succinct project proposal detailing the full budget, how the funds from this grant will be used, and a timeline for project completion. (100-200 words, 10 points)
  • Educator addresses how this will change or enhance their classroom environment, course content, planning, or instruction. (100-200 words, 5 points)
  • Educator demonstrates that their school is a “High Needs” school, due to student poverty or other circumstances. (100-200 words, +2 points)

Award: Grant recipient(s) will be announced by October 15.

Report: Grant recipient will send a report of project completion within one year of the award.

  • Educator will provide pre- and post-project data (through surveys, pre- and post-tests, or other evaluative materials) showing the impact of the project on students.
  • Educator will provide pictures of the project or video/sound recording
  • Educator will provide a detailed budget with receipts or invoices verifying how the funds were used. Please note: NO “ADMINISTRATIVE” EXPENSES will be honored.




2020 IAWM Education Grant Application 

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  • Address


SCHOOL PROFILE (100-200 words): Tell us about the student population, location, surrounding community, and needs of your students.


REFLECTION ON CURRENT TEACHING PRACTICE (100-200 words): How do you currently address topics of women in music with your students? Do you actively plan for it? What do your students currently know about women in music? Do you think you successfully incorporate women composers, performers, and others into your course content? What resources do you currently use, and what resources can you identify as your immediate needs?


PROJECT PROPOSAL: (100-200 words) What is your project? How will this bring greater awareness of women in music to your students? What is your budget? Is this grant a supplement to other funds? How will funds be used?


IMPACT STATEMENT: (100-200 words) How will this impact your teaching? Will it enhance the classroom environment, change your planning or instruction, enhance or change course content? How do you think this will impact your students and/or the wider community?


Applicants must submit their proposals to New Music Engine by September 15. Please send to:  (search for IAWM Educators Award)