International Alliance for Women in Music

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With members in 28 countries and growing, IAWM increases opportunity and visibility for women in music. Welcoming to members of all genders, this forward-thinking advocacy alliance helps reshape the music industry’s landscape for greater equity and inclusion in the 21st century. IAWM members represent a diverse spectrum of creative specialization across genres within the music and your donation helps to ensure our group’s continued momentum.


  • Advocating for the increased visibility and programming of music by women composers
  • Combating discrimination against women in all genres and disciplines in music
  • Demanding inclusivity for the contributions of women in all fields of music in university music curricula and textbooks
  • Publishing a quarterly Journal which includes articles about the work of women in music, conference and festival reports, research, members’ news, reviews and more
  • Providing and informing members of career-enhancing opportunities
  • Offering competitive awards and grants for members
  • An Annual Concert at diverse locations globally
  • A conference convened every three years with diverse musical partners
  • Networking opportunities with other musicians across the globe through our Members page
  • The Radio Requests campaign promotes broadcasts of music by composers identifying as women