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These archival articles from the ILWC Journal, the IAWM Journal and Proceedings of the International Congress on Women in Music are arranged in alphabetical order by author’s last name.

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Alburger, Mark – The Final Frontier with Nancy Bloomer Deussen

Alderman, Pauline – Four Generations of Women in Musicology

Ambrose, Jane P. – Say Can You Deny Me

Anderson-Harold, Beth – The Internet for Women in Music

Anshutz, Kay Pech – Marga Richter: Snow Mountain: A Spiritual Trilogy

Beath, Betty – Australian Broadcasts

Beath, Betty – The International League of Women Composers

Beath, Betty – Reviews: Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Eleanor Cory

Beck, Eleonora – Elizabeth Austin’s Wilderness Symphony

Beck, Eleonora – Elisabetta de Gambarini: Six Sonatas for Harpsichord, and Elizabeth Hardin: Six Lessons for the Harpsichord

Beck, Eleonora – Works by Elizabeth Scheidel-Austin, Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Susan Hurley, and Tina Davidson

Billock, Becky – Gender Issues in Student Competitions and Performances: Thoughts on Collected Anecdotes

Bond, Victoria – Mrs. Satan, The Woman Who Dreamed of Becoming President

Boone, Clara Lyle – Action Aisle: Orchestral Programming Advocacy

Boone, Clara Lyle – All-Male Programming: An Antitrust Violation?

Bowers, Jane – Current Issues in Feminist Musical Scholarship: Representation and Gender Performance, Identity and Subjectivity, and Telling Stories about Women’s Musical Lives

Bowers, Jane – Women’s Music and the Life Cycle

Bremer, Carolyn – Ruth Crawford

Broe, Carolyn Waters – Louise Lincoln Kerr (1892-1977): Composer, Performer and Patron

Brusa, Elisabetta – Albania 1994 Report

Brychcin, Irene – Faust by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel: An American Premiere

Burns, Debra Brubaker – Contributions of Selected British and American Women to Piano Pedagogy and Performance

Burns, Kristine H. – The 1997 Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference

Burns, Kristine H. – The 14th Annual Festival of New Music and Art “Art and Spirituality,” Bowling Green State University, October 7-10, 993

Burton, Canary and Jeanne Brossart – WOMR 92.1 FM, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Buzzarté, Monique – Advocacy: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Buzzarté, Monique – Advocacy Action: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Buzzarté, Monique – Hildegard von Bingen

Buzzarté, Monique – We Need a Man for Solo Trombone: Abbie Conant’s Story

Carlsson, Mikael – Women in Film Music – Or How Hollywood Learned to Hire Female Composers for (at least) Some of Their Movies

Carter-Schwendler, Karen L. – Virgil Thomson’s Herald Tribune Writings: Fulfilling the “Cultural Obligation” Selectively

Cavalieri, Grace – The Composer As Muse: Writing Words for Music by Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Chastain, Susan – A Conversation With Libby Larsen: A transcription of a taped telephone interview from April 17, 1995

Chaves, Mary (a.k.a. Emma Zevik) – AWC at Lesley College

Chiti, Patricia Adkins – The Third International Festival and Interdisciplinary Symposium

Chiti, Patricia Adkins – DONNE IN MUSICA: A Progress Report

Chiti, Patricia Adkins – Donne in Musica from the Administrator’s Perspective

Ciobanu, Maia – The First International Women’s Musical Meeting: Athens, Greece, March 17-18, 1997

Clearfield, Andrea – The Salon: An 18-Year Philadelphia Tradition

Coeyman, Barbara – Betty Ann Miller, Pianist: Music by Maria Hester Park, Marie Bigot and Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel

Cohen, Aaron I. – Compiling the International Encyclopaedia of Women Composers

Collingridge, Caroline – Romanian Spring: Report of a Romanian Music/Arts Tour in South-East England

Collingridge, Caroline – Round Table on Human Rights and Cultural Policies in a Changing Europe: Helsinki, Finland, April 29-May 2, 1993

Collingridge, Caroline – Vienna Congress Report – Female Music Rush-Hour: The Ninth International Congress on Women in Music

Colton, Glenn – Composers’Corner, Canadian Composer Jean Coulthard and Artist Emily Carr: Spiritual Encounters With Nature

Colton, Glenn – The Piano Music of Jean Coulthard: A Legacy of Beauty and Inspiration

Davis, Susan E. – Gena Branscombe: “She walked to the sound of invisible trumpets”

Davison, John – Reviews: Hildegard Chamber Players

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Female Rush Hour in Vienna: The Ninth International Congress on Women in Music

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Future of Women in Music

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Music of Women Composers in Rio de Janeiro

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Reports from the Interim Executive Committee

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Vienna, October 1994, a report: Extending Sound Possibilities in Vienna

de Marez Oyens, Tera – The Vienna Summer Seminar of New Music

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Vrouw en Muziek

de Marez Oyens, Tera – Work List

de Kennessey, Stefania – A Letter to Members of American Women Composers, Inc.

de Kennessey, Stefania – Message From the President

de Kennessey, Stefania – Outgoing President’s Message

de Kennessey, Stefania – President’s Message

Diemer, Emma Lou – Backward and Forward Looking

Diemer, Emma Lou – A Czech Republic Concert of American Women Composers

Diemer, Emma Lou – Works by Violeta Dinescu Recorded on Two CDs

Diemer, Emma Lou – Composers’ Corner Recording in Prague

Dinescu, Violeta – A “Mini-Portrait” of Ilona Brege

Dinescu, Violeta – Music Review: Chamber Works by Two New Zealand Women Composers

Dinescu, Violeta – A Report from Chisinau-Moldova: the International Festival of Contemporary Music

Dinescu, Violeta – Gelb: Neues Hören by Eva-Maria Houben

Dinescu, Violeta – Intercultural Musical Studies: Music, Gender and Culture

Dionne, Pamela Moore – Lynette Westendorf Debuts Her New Work, Dreams of the Internal Animals

Deussen, Nancy Bloomer – Award Winners of the 16th IAWM (1997) Search for New Music

Edwards, J. Michele – Theory and Music II: A Continuing Dialogue

Edwards, J. Michele – Historical Perspective

Edwards, J. Michele – Judith Shatin: Talking Music

Edwards, J. Michele – What Does Music?

Elkins-Marlow, Laurine – College Music Society Meeting

Epstein, Selma – An Abstract: A Reference Guide to Researching the Music of Women Composers

Epstein, Selma – Composer Interview: Ruth Schonthal

Epstein, Selma – Teaching and Performing in China

Erickson, Susan – Maria A. Niederberger: Music Between Two Continents

Ericson, Margaret D. – Women, Music, and Gender in Print: A Current Bibliography

Evans, Rosemary – Cassette Review: Margaret-Lucy Wilkins: Struwwelpeter (Shock-headed Peter)

Evans, Rosemary – Whose Music’ Conference, Manchester, England

Fábregas, Elisenda – The Mostly Women Composers Festival

Field, Lucille – Reviews: Urban Diva

Fine, Elaine – Victoria Jordanova: Requiem for Bosnia and Other Works (Four Preludes, Once Upon a Time, Variations for Harp)

Finger, Susan – Pauline Alderman: Musicologist, Teacher, Composer: Part I

Finger, Susan – Research Methodology for the Doctoral Dissertation on Women in Music

Fleischer, Tsippi – The Kuopio-Finland International Seminar on “The Middle-East as a Cultural Source

Fleischer, Tsippi – Is There a Future for Women in Music?

Fletcher, Guy – Composers’ Corner,” Performing Rights Organizations in Great Britain and the United States

Flückiger, Esther – Iris Szeghy: An Interview with the Composer

Folio, Cynthia – Anne La Berge: Blow

Folio, Cynthia – Music of Our Time: Works by May-Tchi Chen, Margaret Garwood and Sylvia Glickman

Folio, Cynthia – CD Releases by Shulamit Ran

Fowler, Jennifer – Words from a Composer

Fowler, Jennifer – Elizabeth Maconchy (1907-1994)

Fowler, Jennifer – The BBC Proms: Where are the Women?

Friou, Robert – Pianist Eleanor Elkins’ Concert

Fry, Stephen M. – The musicALASKAwomen Conference in Fairbanks: A Participant’s Perspective

Fry, Stephen M. – Pauline Alderman Award Winners 1993

Fry, Stephen M. – The Pauline Alderman Awards for New Scholarship on Women in Music (1996)

Fry, Stephen M. – International Congress on Women in Music

Fry, Stephen M. – Johana Harris: In Memoriam (1913-1995)

Fry, Stephen M. – Research Methodology in the Study of Women in Music

Fry, Stephen M. – Women in Music: A Selected List of Books, Pamphlets, and Dissertations

Gardner, June – American Music Center: The Outreach Project

Garwood, Margaret – In Search of a Libretto

Gier, Christina – CD Reviews: Katherine Hoover: Five Compact Discs

Glickman, Sylvia – Message From the Editor

Glickman, Sylvia – Message from the New IAWM Journal Editor

Glickman, Sylvia – Outgoing Editor’s Message

Gray, Anne – Artie Mason Carter: Mother of the Hollywood Bowl

Gray, Anne – The Story of Elsa Hilger ~ 100 Years of Harmony

Gray, Anne – Miriam Gideon (1906-1996): A Jewish Pioneer

Grönke, Kadja – University of Oldenburg: Composers Colloquium 1997

Gutwirth, Madelyn – Historical Perspective: The Music Study Club of Bryn Mawr

Gutwirth, Madelyn – The Inspiring Career of Sylvia Glickman (1932-2006): A 20th-Century Woman in Music

Hamer, Janice – Tsippi Fleischer: Vocal Music

Hanawalt, Anita – The Empress of Online: Reflections of an Experienced Online Instructor

Harley, Maria Anna – Composers’ Corner: Notes on Polish Women Composers

Hartl, Karla – In Search of a Voice: The Story of Vitezslava Kapralova

Hartl, Karla – Vitezslava Kapralova: An Annotated Catalogue of Her Works

Hayes, Deborah – American Musicological Society Committee on the Status of Women (CSW)

Hayes, Deborah – Classicism à la Mode: Late-Eighteenth-Century Women Composers and their Music

Hayes, Deborah – In memoriam: Harriett Bolz (1909-1995)

Hayes, Deborah – Discovering Our History: ClarNan Editions of Early Music

Hayes, Deborah – Feature Editor’s Message

Hayes, Deborah – Conference Report: International Musicological Society Meeting

Hayes, Deborah – Peggy Glanville-Hickes (1912-1990): International Composer

Hayes, Deborah – Women Composers, The “Condensed” Version: A Review of The New Grove Dictionary of Women Composers

Hayes, Deborah – Women in Music: An Encyclopedic Bibliography

Himmelbauer, Regina M.E. – News from Austria

Himmelbauer, Regina M.E. – The Situation of Women Musicians in Austria

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – CD Releases: Interesting and Exciting Experimental Sound Art

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – Classical Music by Women: Recent Releases on Compact Disc

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – Compact Disc Update: Releases of Interest from Composers’ Recordings Inc.

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – From a Woman’s Perspective: Art Songs

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – Report from Hong Kong: The 1996 International Computer Music Conference-”On the Edge”

Hinkle-Turner, Elizabeth – Report from Iowa: World Premiere of Tower’s Night Fields

Hoffman, Cheryl Gobetti – Persis Parshall Vehar: a personal profile

Hoffman, Laura – Members’ News

Hogan, Leslie – Society of Composers, Inc. – Region VI conference

Huang, Molly Vivian – Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Selected Music for Piano

Hubbard, Monica J. – American Choral Directors Association National Convention, San Diego, California, March 5-8, 1997

Hubbard, Monica J. – Anonymous No More!

Hubbard, Monica J. – Reports: The American Choral Directors’ Association Western Division Convention

Huey, Lam Ming – Malaysian Music and Composer Valerie Ross

Hunt, Merle – The Marina del Rey-Westchester Symphony Concert of Women Composers (Los Angeles, CA, March 15, 1997)

Iitti, Sanna – Kaija Saariaho: Stylistic Development and Artistic Principles

Iitti, Sanna – L’amour de loin: Kaija Saariaho’s First Opera

Johns, Michael – Sheila Silver: To the Spirit Unconquered

Johns, Michael – Works by Beth Anderson, Janice Misurell-Mitchell and Melinda Wagner

Johnson, Calvert – Women in Music Courses at Agnes Scott College

Karp, Peggy – Vivian Fine — A Reminiscence

Karpf, Juanita – American Muses: Women Making Music/Exploding the Stereotypes

Karpf, Juanita – Amy Beach and Her Chamber Music: Biography, Documents, Style

Karpf, Juanita – Reconsidering the Musical Canon

Karpf, Juanita – Catalogue of Published Works for String Orchestra and Piano Trio by Twentieth-Century American Women Composers

Karpf, Juanita – Women, Music and Creativity: A Symposium on Music and Gender Celebrating Nine Centuries of Women Composers

Kearns, Ann – Chard Festival of Women In Music

Killam, Rosemary – Feminist Theory and Music 3: Negotiating the Faultlines

Kilstofte, Anne – An Interview with Judith Lang Zaimont: The Dual Process of the Cliburn Competition

Kilstofte, Anne – Remarks

Kim, Dana – Floating Along the East Coast with the Perfume River Ensemble from Hue, Vietnam

Kim, Dana – From Vietnam

Kim, Jin Hi – The 18th Asian Composers League Conference and Festival Manila, the Philippines, January 19-26, 1997

Lai, Sheung-Ping – An Asian Female Composer’s Survival in the United States

Larson, Anna – Premiere of COAL: music and libretto by Judith Shatin – a concert report

Lastres, Magaly Ruiz and Marta Castellón – Cecilia Arizti Sobrino (1856-1930): Cuban Composer

Lauer, Elizabeth – Dinescu’s Quatrain

Lauer, Elizabeth – Tsippi Fleischer-Vocal Music

Lauer, Elizabeth – Pizer and van Appledorn on North/South Consonance CD

Leach, Cathy – The International Women’s Brass Conference: Personal Reflections

Lenel, Jane – Women in Medieval Music-Recovering a Lost Tradition

Leonard, Kendra Preston – “Two Hard Etudes and a Schumann Number”: American Women, Repertoire and Mentoring in France, 1921-1951

Libby, Cynthia Green – From Bach to Vivace Press: The Metamorphosis of Barbara Harbach

Libby, Cynthia Green – Reviews: “Coming of Age and Coming Out: Musica Femina After a Decade

Libby, Cynthia Green – Performers’ Place – The Commissioning Performer

Libby, Cynthia Green – Review: “A Pure Heart in Service to God”

Lindsey, Roberta – American Music-American Women

Lochhead, Judy – Composer Portrait: Anne LeBaron

Lycan, Mary – Response: Women in Music Cycles

Mabry, Sharon – Theresa Koon’s Promise Fulfills

Macaulay, Janice – Special Sessions on the Status of Women at the Joint Annual Meetings of the American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory, November 3-7, 1993 in Montréal

Madar, Esther – An Interview with Israeli Composer Tsippi Fleischer

Mantals, Viv – In Memoriam: Yvonne Desportes

Mattar, Nahla – Women Musicians in Egypt

McCarthy, S. Margaret William – Critics’Circle,” Women’s Words About Music: American Newspaperwomen as Music Critics

McCarthy, S. Margaret William – Grace Spofford: Educator, Internationalist, and Organization Woman

McCartney, Andra – Creating Worlds for My Music to Exist:Women Composers of Electroacoustic Music in Canada

Mei, Xie – Li Yiding, Award-Winning Chinese Composer

Meier, Margaret – Taste of a World Without Gender Bias

Mercier, Anita – The Glass Ceiling in International Orchestras: The Case of Female Cellists

Meyer, Eve – Message from the Editor

Milew, Jean – The Voiceless Who Need to Shout: Issues Confronting Women with Children in Academia

Mirchandani, Sharon – Works by Mary Jeanne Van Appledorn, Dorothy Rudd Moore, Gail Barber and Stefania de Kenessey

Mirchandani, Sharon – Elizabeth Austin: Reflected Light and Sonate für Blockflöte

Mirchandani, Sharon – Judith Tick: Ruth Crawford Seeger: A Composer’s Search for American Music

Moore, Undine Smith – My Life in Music

Nachman, Myrna – Reviews: Tsippi Fleischer: Art Music Settings of Arabic Poetry

Nachman, Myrna – Tania Leòn: Indigena

Natalini, Giovanna – “Conferences,” Symposium and Festival – The Second International Symposium and Festival Donne in Musica

Nishizaka, Taeko – Louise Farrenc: Why Did Her Music Fade into Oblivion?

Odagescu, Irina – Musical Life and Female Composers in Romania

O’Leary, Jane – Women Composers in Ireland: A Changing Profile

O’Leary, Jane – Report from Latvia: International New Music Festival

O’Leary, Jane – Tera in Ireland

Oliveros, Pauline – Edith Gutierrez: Emerging Composer

Osborne, William – Art Is Just an Excuse: Gender Bias in International Orchestras

Ostrander, Linda – ILWC Members Receive Rave Press

Ottenberg, June – Amy Beach: Quartet for Strings (In One Movement), Opus 89

Petersen, Barbara – Women Composers Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, or Yes, Nancy, There is Life after Fifteen!

Petteys, Leslie – Ruth Schonthal: The Canticles of Hieronymus; Gestures; Self Portrait of the Artist as an Older Woman

Pizer, Elizabeth Hayden – Message from the Chair

Pool, Jeannie – A Conversation With Pianist Althea Waites: Sexism, Racism, and Music

Pool, Jeannie – At the Epicenter: The International Institute for the Study of Women in Music

Pool, Jeannie – Beverly Grigsby Marks Her 75th Birthday with a Compact Disc and Concert

Pool, Jeannie – ‘Music of the Americas’: Cancelled!

Pool, Jeannie – Saxophonist and Band Leader Peggy Gilbert Celebrates 100th Birthday in Hollywood

Pool, Jeannie – Zenobia Powell Perry, An American Composer

Pool, Jeannie – Top Ten Things I Learned While Making the Documentary “Peggy Gilbert and Her All-Girl Band”

Pool, Jeannie – The Women-in-Music Movement: Then and Now

Schlegel, Ellen Grohlman – Emma Lou Diemer: A Consummate Musician

Schleifer, Martha Furman – Publishing with Sylvia Glickman: A Recollection

Shapiro, Alex – Compose, Communicate and Connect

Shen, Ted – An Interview with IAWM President Patricia Morehead

Smith, Catherine Parsons – Interview with Katherine Hoover

Stephan, Naomi – Is it Just (,) You Girls? A Plea for Women’s Choral Music

Sunn, Casper – Kay Gardner: The Last Decade

Sunn, Casper – In Memoriam: Kay Gardner Memorial

Vercoe, Elizabeth – Two Interviews With Vivian Fine – external link

Woodard, Kathryn – Music in the Imperial Harem and the Life of Ottoman Composer Leyla Saz (1850-1936)

Wylie, Ruth Shaw (interview) – Ruth Shaw Wylie (1916-1989): A Musical Consolidator

Zaidel-Rudolph, Jeanne – Pride, Prejudice and Power: Being a Woman Composer in South Africa

Zaimont, Judith Lang – In Memoriam: Sylvia Glickman