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Pauline Alderman Awards

The Pauline Alderman Awards were founded in 1985 by the International Congress on Women in Music to honor the memory of pioneering musicologist Pauline Alderman, Ph.D. (1893-1983), founder and chair of the Music History Department of the University of Southern California. 

Every two or three years we call for scholars to submit their best work in the categories of Book, Article, or Reference work. Past winners include some of the most distinguished scholars writing about women and music. 


Click here for a list of past Pauline Alderman Awards Winners.


Call for submissions: 
Pauline Alderman Awards 2020

 The International Alliance for Women in Music is pleased to announce the 2020 cycle of the Pauline Alderman Awards for outstanding scholarship on women in music. Writings published during the calendar years 2017, 2018, and 2019 will be considered for cash prizes in the following categories:


1)       An outstanding book-length monograph about women in music, including biography, history, analysis, and critical interpretation, in any academic format (e.g.,book, dissertation, thesis);


2)       An outstanding journal article, individual book chapter, or essay treating an aspect of women in music;


3)       An outstanding bibliographic study, research tool, or reference work about women in music.


Any individual or organization with current membership of IAWM may submit works for consideration (in physical form, as a PDF, or a link to an online publication) along with a letter of nomination.If your membership is not current at time of submission, the work will be disqualified. To join IAWM or renew your membership, please see the IAWM website here: letter of nomination should state the name, title, and complete contact information of the author(s) and a bibliographic citation including the title and publication data of the work. The work need not be in English.


Closing date for submissions: November 15th, 2020 (postmark or email)

Please submit your work in electronic form where possible. If submitting a physical book, please also send your letter of nomination by email.


Publications available as PDF maybesent by emailto m.bu[email protected]with “IAWM Pauline Alderman Awards” in the subject line. For an article in an online journal, please include the URL of the article in your email.


Physical books should be sent to:

Monica Buckland

Chair, IAWM PaulineAldermanAwards
Robert Webster Building, 231P

UNSW Arts and Social Sciences

Sydney, NSW 2052, Australia

Please include a self-addressed mailerwith international postage paid along with a physical book if you wish to have your submission returned. Materials with insufficient return postage will not be returned. 


Submissions will be evaluated for originality, quality and significance of research, clarity of writing, persuasiveness, and utility as a model for future scholarship.


For any questions, please contact Monica Buckland at [email protected]