International Alliance for Women in Music

Search for New Music Competition Winners 2017


Winners of the IAWM 2017 Search for New Music Competition

The International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM) has selected winners of its 2017 Search for New Music Competition. The competition recognizes the accomplishments of IAWM member composers and fosters IAWM’s goal of increasing awareness of the musical contributions of women.  IAWM hopes that performers around the world will see this music as a resource for their own concert programming. There were 86 submissions in 7 categories.

Winners in the various categories are:


2017 Ruth Anderson Prize ($1000) for a commission for a new sound installation with electro-acoustic music.

Winner: Layale Chaker for “Borderland: Rites of Passage,” an audiovisual installation about identity in a world of displacement and exile.


2017 Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize ($500) sponsored by Christine Clark of Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc., to a composer who is at least 22 years old for a chamber or orchestral work.

Winner: Hilary Purrington for “Likely Pictures in Haphazard Sky” for orchestra


2017 Miriam Gideon Prize ($500) to a composer at least 50 years of age for a work for solo voice & 1-5 instruments.

Winner: Veronika Krausas for “Hopscotch Tarot Song Cycle” for Mezzo Soprano & Violin


2017 Libby Larsen Prize ($300) to a composer who is currently enrolled in school for a work in any medium.

Winner: Jihyun Kim for “Extempore Anamnesis” for string quartet


2017 Pauline Oliveros New Genre Prize ($300) for electro-acoustic media or incorporating innovative form or style.

Winner: Kaley Lane Eaton for “lily [bloom in my darkness],” a electroacoustic opera for voice, live electronic processing, pulse sensors, two violas, saxophone doubling clarinet, electric harp, piano, and dance.


2017 PatsyLu Prize ($500) for classical art music in any form by black women and/or lesbians.

Winner: Victoria Malawey for “Chansons Innocentes” for soprano, clarinet and piano


2017 Judith Lang Zaimont Prize ($400) for an extended instrumental composition—large solo or chamber works—by a composer at least 30 years old whose music has not yet been recorded or published.

Winner: Sonja Mutić for “world, words, air and a human being” for or trombone and ensemble


The judges were Dr. Mara Gibson, Dr. Tonia Ko and Dr. Tawnie Olson.  Dr. Ingrid Stölzel served as chair of the competition. 

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Image by Daryl Feehely