Women & Music

Women & Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture

Women & Music journal

Women & Music journal

Note: as of the 2008 year, Women and Music is no longer affiliated with the IAWM. Persons wishing to access Women and Music will need to utilize it in libraries subscribing to Project Muse.

Women and Music: A Journal of Gender and Culture is a scholarly publication. Representing a wide range of disciplines and approaches, the refereed journal seeks to further the understanding of the relationship among gender, music and culture, with special attention given to the concerns of women.

Editor-in-Chief: Suzanne G. Cusick

Founding and Managing Editor: Catherine J. Pickar

Review Editor: Martha S. Mockus

Editorial Board:

Karen Ahlquist
Jane Bowers
Marcia J. Citron
Susan C. Cook
Linda Dusman
Annegret Fauser
Sophie Fuller
Lydia Hamessley
Ellie M. Hisama
Ellen Koskoff
Fred Everett Maus
Susan McClary
Helen Metzelaar
Eve R. Meyer
Pirkko Moisala
Jann Pasler
Karen Pegley
Eva Rieger
Catherine Parsons Smith
Judy Tsou

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