Search for New Music Guidelines

35th IAWM Search for New Music by Women Composers

2016 Competition Guidelines

Receipt deadline: May 31, 2016

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Ruth Anderson Commission Prize ($1,000)
Commission for a new sound installation with electro-acoustic music
To apply, submit a detailed proposal of the sound installation. The project should be an ongoing installation and not require a performance to be successful. The project must be completed within 12 months of notification of the award. The winner will receive the award money after submitting a report to IAWM following the public showing of the completed installation. Location of the installation may be, but is not restricted to, an IAWM annual concert or congress.

Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize ($500)

(minimum age – twenty-two)  Large chamber and orchestral works
Sponsored by Christine Clark of Theodore Front Musical Literature, Inc.

Miriam Gideon Prize ($500)
(minimum age – fifty)  Works for solo voice and one to five instruments.

Libby Larsen Prize ($250) 

(must be currently enrolled in school)  Works for any medium. 
Sponsored by Dr. Larsen.

Pauline Oliveros New Genre Prize ($300)

Works for electro-acoustic media or  incorporating innovative form or style, such as improvisation, multimedia, use of non-traditional notation. If no score is used, a description of the work and its structure must accompany the audio or video submission. 
Sponsored by IAWM President Dr. Susan Borwick.

PatsyLu Prize ($500)

(for Black women and/or lesbians)  Classical art music in any form or instrumentation.

Judith Lang Zaimont Prize ($400)

(minimum age – thirty)  Extended instrumental compositions—large solo or chamber works—by a composer whose music has not yet been commercially recorded or published. 
Sponsored by Professor Zaimont.

Each prize category has its own monetary award as indicated.

Bonus Opportunity

1st CoroDelantal Choral Music Performance Prize
Choral work for SATB a cappella chorus of 15 voices. Any language. Duration: Five minutes maximum. Experimental music is preferred. Submit score and recording. The selected composer(s) must send audio recordings of the individual voice parts by August 15 after the winners’ announcement. (Recordings may be MIDI-generated.) The winning work(s) will be performed by CoroDelantal, directed by Sonia Megias, in Madrid, Spain. After the concert, they will receive a link to the performance on YouTube and may use the recording as they wish. No monetary award.


The categories have changed again. If you had planned to submit in the Glickman category, please submit in the Front, Larsen, or Zaimont category, depending on age and student requirements.


One entry   A composer may submit only one piece in any given year in only one chosen category. Please do not send more than one composition total.

Membership    Current membership in IAWM is required for submission. If your membership is not current at time of submission, the work will be disqualified. Please note that membership is for the calendar year: January 1-December 31, and you may need to renew for 2016.  See the IAWM membership page for more information.

Anonymity   Submissions must be anonymous. Your name must not appear on the score, recording, in the metadata of your files, or any other documentation. Submissions with names on them will be automatically disqualified.

Unpublished works   The work submitted must be unpublished by a major publishing house and must have won no prior awards at the time of entry in the competition. Self-published works are allowed. For the Zaimont Prize, the work must also have no plans to be professionally recorded when it is submitted.

Restriction for previous winners   Winners of previous SNM Awards cannot apply for two years subsequent to their award  (for 2016, this includes winners of the 2014 and 2015 competitions). There is no restriction on submissions for those who received honorable mentions.

Sharing   Prize sponsors like to know about the work they are supporting. Winners, if willing, will have the opportunity to send a non-anonymous version of their score to the prize sponsor.


The submission period begins April 15, 2016.

Deadline for receipt of materials is May 31, 2016. (Submissions will not be closed until May 31 ends around the globe, if we’ve calculated time zones correctly.)

Winners will be announced by July 31, 2016. 
Winners will be asked to submit a short biography for inclusion in the press release, which will be sent out within 2 weeks of the announcement, by August 15, 2016.

The IAWM website will have a complete list of winners shortly after the announcement date.

Submission Procedure

Submit online at the EasyChair website.

If you do not already have an Easy Chair account, you will need to create one.

Anonymity   The name of the composer (author) submitted in the registration process will be hidden from the judges. Please make sure no identifying data is attached to the submitted files, other than the title of the piece.  Remove dedications, lyricists and performers. Otherwise, the submission will be rejected. Make sure to check the file’s metadata in a program like iTunes or your file system’s Get Info command.

File formats   Scores must be PDF files; audio files must be MP3; video can be Quicktime (MOV), AVI, MPG, or WMV.  You may create a ZIP file for multiple movements or sections of your work. Maximum file size is 50 megabytes. Please do not submit .WAV files.

Additional file instructions  Track information, especially composer or artist name, needs to be removed from your MP3 files. You can use iTunes or similar application to edit the track information, also called metadata.

Large files   If your files are too large for a single submission, you may divide them into separate submissions (e.g., Part I, Part II; or Mvt1, Mvt2). Easy Chair will automatically link submissions by composer name, even though that portion remains shielded from the judges.

Submit your score or narrative as the EasyChair “paper”. If your piece does not have a traditional score, submit a description of the work. This must also be anonymous.

Submit your audio or video as the EasyChair “attachment”. Submitting audio or video is optional, but recommended.

SNM does not use the Keyword field but EasyChair requires it. For Keywords, type your category and two instrument names, or whatever you want (except your name).

Please Note

You must be a member of IAWM when the Coordinator receives your submission. For current members, remember that the membership year begins January 1. Please check that your dues are up-to-date for this year.

You do not need a pseudonym with the  EasyChair submission process. Make sure your materials do not have any identifying marks. Scores with names, copyright notices, or other identifying text will be disqualified.

If there is a problem with your submission the coordinator will try to let you know, but it is your responsibility to submit the appropriate, anonymous material and have a current membership.

IAWM reserves the right to withhold an award, should the judging panel so recommend.


Send questions to the SNM Coordinator, Pamela Marshall, at


About CoroDelantal

CoroDelantal was born in New York City during Sonia Megias’ Fulbright grant (2010-2012), and it re-founded in Madrid when she moved there. Its members aren’t professional musicians but they are very brave and extremely creative!

El CoroDelantal es un ente internacional que existió en Nueva York en 2011-12 y que hace pocos meses nació en Madrid, continuando la estela neoyorkina. Inventado y dirigido por Sonia Megías, y apoyado por asociaciones como Experimental Intermedia o Gruñidos Salvajes, este laboratorio peculiar opera musical y performativamente. ¡Cuidado! Sus componentes son extremadamente creativos.

Learn more about CoroDelantal.

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