Search for New Music Current Award Recipients

2016 Search for New Music Competition Winners

The International Alliance for Women in Music is pleased to announce the Winners from the 2016 Search for New Music Competition.

Ruth Anderson Prize for a commission for a new sound installation:
Rachel Devorah of  Greensboro, North Carolina USA for “revontulet”, a project to sonify aurora borealis data  Website

Christine Clark/Theodore Front Prize (minimum age 22) for a chamber or orchestral work:
Amanda Feery of Dublin, Ireland for “Pushing Air” for orchestra  Website

Miriam Gideon Prize (minimum age 50) for a work for solo voice and one to five instruments:
Liz Johnson of Upper Colwall, Worcs, Great Britain for “Sky-burial” for female voice and string quartet  Website

Libby Larsen Prize (currently enrolled in school) for a work in any medium:
Alison Yun-Fei Jiang of Elmhurst, New York USA for “Birds, Reincarnate” for string quartet  Website

Pauline Oliveros New Genre Prize  for electro-acoustic media:
Ying-Ting Lin of Cockeysville, Maryland USA and Taiwan for “When The Wind Rises” for alto flute and tape  Website
Honorable Mention: Kotoka Suzuki at Arizona State University for “In Praise of Shadows” for three paper players and electronics  Website

PatsyLu Prize  for classical art music in any form by black women and/or lesbians:
Chia-Yu Hsu  of Eau Claire, Wisconsin USA for “Urban Sketches” for clarinet, cello, piano, electronics

Judith Lang Zaimont Prize (minimum age 30) for an extended instrumental composition:
Natalie Williams of Bloomington Indiana USA for “Saudade” for string octet  Website

Bonus Opportunity: Coro Delantal Performance Prize for a choral work,  experimental preferred:
Athena Corcoran-Tadd  of Ireland for “Lune et l’autre”, graphic score for chorus  Website

Judges: Katy Abbott Kvasnica and Susan Frykberg, both currently in Melbourne, Australia. Coordinator: Pamela J. Marshall