IAWM Historical Background

The International Alliance for Women in Music was formed on January 1, 1995 through the merger of the International Congress for Women in Music, the American Women Composers and the International League of Women Composers.

1. International Congress on Women in Music

The ICWM was founded in 1979 by Jeannie Pool to form an organizational basis for women-in music conferences and meetings. The Congresses will become projects of the IAWM. The ICWM Newsletter was replaced by the ILWC Journal following the ICWM’s merger with the ILWC in 1990. The Library of the ICWM is now housed at the International Institute for the Study of Women in music located at the California State University, Northridge. The collection includes books and recordings gathered by Aaron I. Cohen, editor of the International Encyclopedia of Women Composers and Congress members’ scores and tapes. For more information see the article, “International Congress on Women in Music (ICWM),” published in the June 1995 issue of the IAWM Journal.

2. American Women Composers

The AWC was founded in 1976 by Tommie E. Carl to promote music by women composers. The AWC News/Forum will become the IAWM’s Scholarly Journal (journal name to be selected). The AWC’s many projects have included recordings of music by women by women on the Bravura label (Capriccio Series I and II), concerts at such locations as the Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall and the National Museum for Women in the Arts and the formation of a score and tape library of member’s works. For more information see the article, “American Women Composers, Inc. (AWC),” published in the June 1995 issue of the IAWM Journal.

3. International League of Women Composers

The ILWC was founded in 1975 by Nancy Van de Vate to create and expand opportunities for women composers of serious music. The ILWC Journal will become the IAWM Journal. The League’s many projects have included the Search for New Music, various regional and international broadcast series, including the Australian Broadcast Series and Expressions, the 1981 publication by Greenwood Press of member biographies and works in Contemporary Concert Music by Women: a directory of the composers and their works (edited by Judith Lang Zaimont and Karen Famera) and the establishment of an electronic communications network and ftp site for women-in-music materials. For more information see the article, “International League of Women Composers (ILWC),” published in the June 1995 issue of the IAWM Journal.