IAWM Documents


IAWM Manual (2008)

The IAWM manual includes:
Overview of IAWM
Governance of the IAWM
Professional Activities of the IAWM
Professional Outreach
Documents and Forms
Summary of By-Laws and Resolutions 1995-1998

Congress Manual (2004)

Board Minutes

IAWM Board Meeting 2014
IAWM Board Meeting 2013
IAWM Board Meeting 2012

IAWM Board Meeting 2011
IAWM Board Meeting 2010
IAWM Board Meeting 2009
IAWM Board Meeting 2008
IAWM Board Meeting 2006
IAWM Board Meeting 2005

Committee Reports

Committee Reports 2009
Committee Reports 2006

Proposed Budgets

Proposed Budget 2013
Proposed Budget 2012
Proposed Budget 2011
Proposed Budget 2010
Proposed Budget 2006


2012 Financials
2011 Financials
2010 Financials
2005 Financials (Interim)

Other Documents

Transparency in the IAWM in the 21st Century (2008)
Membership Report 2005
Report from the European Liaison 2005

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