IAWM Finance Committee

The committee coordinates with other IAWM committees on income producing projects and approves all non-budgeted expenses. The chair is responsible for all financial transactions for IAWM, including financial updating, fiscal management and developing the budget.

Christina Rusnak, chair
Other chairs as coordinating members

  • Contact committee members to advise them of a procedural change that will affect the area of Finance.
  • Solicit opinion and discuss requests for extraordinary or non-budgeted expenses. All such projects must go through the Finance Committee for approval.
  • Circulate status of budget year at regular intervals.
  • Apprise committee members of income-producing projects (annual appeals, membership, et al).
  • When necessary, delegate authority to committee members to assist in Treasurer’s duties.
  • Any project unfunded or underfunded by the budget must go through the Finance Committee and then to the Executive Committee or full Board for approval (from 2000 Board Meeting Minutes).