IAWM Development Committee

Linda Dusman, chair

Deborah Hayes
Stefania de Kenessey


  • The Development chair is responsible for coordinating grant application activities, according to the grants procedure. This procedure generally applies to any correspondence or application for funding from an outside source, not only to grants as narrowly defined.
  • The Development chair is responsible for coordinating the annual appeal mailing, sent in the autumn to all current members via hard copy, and electronically to the listserv.
  • Grant proposals may not be put forward without Board approval. Furthermore, proposals should clearly delineate other application sources and what the funds are to be used for, and the development committee is to disclose other implied funds before implementation (from 1998 Board Meeting Minutes, Section VIII, New Business B).
  • No grants can be submitted on behalf of IAWM unless approved by the Development Committee and the President (from 2001 Board Meeting Minutes, Section IV B).